Can you order outside NZ?

At the moment we are only shipping around New Zealand.

Can you use any font or design to create an LED Neon Sign? 

Yes, you can do both. All you need to do is flick us an email with your specification including font & size that you would like to use & we will fire back a quote! 

Can you recreate my logo?

In most cases, yes, absolutely. We can replicate most logos or designs. We can replicate most logos and designs with New Signs Lights. Just send us an email with all your specifications & an image. We will send back a quote & go from there. 

What are the Neon Signs made of?

Our LED Neon is made from are made from Silicone LED Neon Flex, which is one of the highest quality you can get these days! 

How do you power the neon signs? 

All of our signs connect directly into a standard power socket and it comes with a 12V transformer.

How long do the LED neon signs last? 

The lifetime of LED light lasts minimum of 30,000 hours. That is equivalent to 10 years if you turn on neon sign for 10 hours per day. This is about 3 times longer lifespan than traditional gas neon signs. Normally if there is a problem it’s usually the transformer that fails, however these are replaceable items and we can supply replacements if necessary if outside of the warranty period. 

 Does it require any maintenance? 

Not at all. LED is environmentally friendly and maintenance free.

Will my neon sign require any specialist installation? 

The sign simply needs to be fixed onto the wall.

What does the warranty cover? 

We offer a 12 month guarantee on materials and workmanship on all of our neon signs. However, this does not extend to any damage that may occur as a result of incorrect installation or physical damage during usage.

I've got another question!

If you have a question we didn't cover here, please email us at